Analytical thinker and active learner applying knowledge in diffuse ways to acquire insights into how things work. Excel in:
•Research Design: I designed and ran my own psychological experiment from the ground up.
•Quantitative Analysis: 2 years of statistics and research design have prepared me for entry-level quantitative work.
•Writing and Communication: Last semester, I wrote 75 pages involving scientific research, grant proposals, conversation analysis, and ethnology.
•Organization: While maintaining a 3.81 GPA, I was Person-In-Charge at Jimmy Johns from 2012-2014.

Jimmy Johns | January 2010 – Present
I have learned the following from my experience at Jimmy Johns:
•working hard inspires others
•helping costumers first was helping ourselves build a team
•leading means taking time to train the new hires and communicating with clarity
•diversity attracts more customers consistently
•big ideas require big commitment and follow-through
I have worked at 7 Jimmy Johns franchise locations:
4 in Fort Collins as a regular go-to manager when a store was short-staffed;
3 in Denver as Person-In-Charge while attending MSU Denver.
Paleopathology: The Archaeology of Disease
Anthropology 4410 | Spring 2015
Wrote 10 page grant proposal for large-scale symbolic ecology study to determine drivers of human population dynamics.
Wrote 30 pages of analytical forensic work involving use of osteometrics, statistics, and archaeological context.
Museum Studies II
Anthropology 490C | Spring 2015
Set up museum displays in Denver and on Auraria Campus, personally contributing 30+ hours of Photoshop and design that ended up in the exhibits.
Led museum tours for large and diverse groups (from middle-school students to historical societies) at Golda Meir Historical House and Casa Mayan.
Advanced Psychological Research Methods
Psychology 3320 | Fall 2014
Designed and ran psychological experiment in embodied cognition:
•Implemented factorial design with approval of IRB;
•Ran undergraduate participants using SONAR systems for time management over 2 months;
•Used a factorial ANOVA to analyze data;
•Completed full manuscript for publication;
•Presented results to cohort.
Statistics and Research Methods II
Psychology 2340 | Spring 2013
Used IBM’s SPSS to conduct
•factorial ANOVAs
•repeated-measures ANOVAs
•simple linear regressions
•Chi-square tests
Wrote complete psychology journal manuscript (using dummy data).
Statistics and Research Methods I
Psychology 2330 | Fall 2012
Learned to calculate by hand:
•Basic t-tests
Introduced to types of research methodology employed in psychology and types of biases in data and sample.
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