Exploratory Data Analysis

Machine Learning Project for Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization via Coursera

Predicting Workout Form Using Machine Learning Predicting Workout Form Using Machine Learning Christopher Campbell March 23, 2017 knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE) library(ggplot2) library(dplyr) library(caret) library(Hmisc) library(GGally) library(e1071) load("variables.RData") ## because machine learning models are time consuming! my_url <- "https://d396qusza40orc.cloudfront.net/predmachlearn/pml-training.csv" my_url2 <- "https://d396qusza40orc.cloudfront.net/predmachlearn/pml-testing.csv" download.file(my_url, "training") download.file(my_url2, "testing") testing <- read.csv("testing") training <- read.csv("training") Introduction In this paper […]

Mathematical Modelling and Statistical Inference

Andrew Gelman writes: This is a whole class of social science research! The Granovetter Model, Lyapunov Functions, Markov Processes, etc…. None of these really give us inferential power – that is, the spectrum of ability to make inference – they just help us refine the logic of our assumptions. We won’t know if our model […]